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Attendee at CCIRA Conference, "Thanks for exploring both iOS and Chrome- helpful demos of many tools and mindful application via case study. More time for {case study} next go 'round." 2016

Attendee at AT Conference, "I plan to utilize resources I received from the AT: Eval + Implement + Instruction break-out session." 2016

Undergraduate student, "I wish I could have Tara in my back pocket for my first two years of teaching in the classroom!" 2016

 "I am now better prepared to differentiate my instruction using mobile methods." 2015

"I've gained new instructional techniques that I was able to use right away." Spring, 2015
"In EVERY way!!!! Great class! More, more more!" Spring, 2015
"Loved the iTunes U Course, so many resources..." February, 2015
"Awesome workshop, now it is time to play around with my iPad." February, 2015
"Tara made it easy to feel comfortable no matter what skill level we Participant, "Loved the various modes of information, the conference, the iTunes U, the handouts." 2014
"This PD was really helpful," January 2014
Development Coordinator, "You gave us so much to think about, we will have so many trainings to do this year from your training," August, 2013. 
"It was fantastic, thank you!," August, 2013
Conference Attendee at Closing the Gap, "I learned so much from your session! Thank you for providing so many great resources." 2013
Conference Attendee at Closing the Gap, "I appreciate how Tara stayed available to problem solve over e-mail months after the PD session I attended." 2013


Literacy Differentiation Slides on Slideshare

Presentation List 

June 2017

Using iOS and Chrome Extensions To Promote Literacy

International Technology for Education (ISTE)

San Antonio, TX

January 2017

Courage to Risk 

iOS and Chrome Accessibility Features for Differentiation

Colorado Springs, CO

May & June Workshops 2016

iOS Differentiation

International Society of Technology in Education (ISTE)

June 2016

Denver, CO

June 2016

Transition- Starting the Process Early 
Indiana State University: Promoting Achievement for Students with Sensory Loss

Terre Haute, IN


Literacy Differentiation Using Chrome Apps and Extensions

International Society of Technology in Education (ISTE)
June 2016

Denver, CO

Emergent & Conventional Literacy

St. Vrain Valley School District, 2016

Longmont, CO


iOS Accessibility

iOS & Chrome Literacy Differentiation

St. Vrain Valley School District, 2016

Secondary Camp iPad

Longmont, CO


Assistive Technology Implementation & Evaluation

SWAAAC- Statewide Colorado AT Conference, 2016

Denver, CO


August Workshops 2015
Elementary iPad Camp, Differentiation & Accessibility 
St. Vrain Valley School District
August 2015

Longmont, CO

Emergent Literacy and Significant Support Needs Transition 
St. Vrain Valley School District 
August 2015

Longmont, CO

iPad Camp Presenter, Differentiation and Accessibility
St. Vrain Valley School District 
May &June, 2015
Tara Mason, Ph.D., TVI
Longmont, CO

VI Workshop Facilitator 
Saint Louis Zoo, September 2014
Tara Mason, Ph.D., TVI, M.Ed.
St. Louis, MO

Presenter regarding iPads and students with visual impairments, August 2014

San Antonio, TX

Tara Mason, Ph.D.,TVI, M.Ed.
Presenter iPad Ph.D. Study, June 29, 2014

Dallas, TX

International Society for Technology in Education,
Tara Mason, TVI, M.Ed.

Atlanta, GA

Presenter iPad Workshop, February 4, 2014
Region 13 Educational Service Center
Tara Mason, TVI, M.Ed.

Austin, TX

Presenter iPad Workshop, January 24 & 25, 2014
Colorado Department of Education
Tara Mason, TVI, M.Ed. 

Denver, CO

Presenter Common Core State Standards Webinar, January 15, 2014
Perkins School for the Blind


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